And Her Name Is Beth

For as long as I can remember, I have been dreaming of having a dog.

I am that friend who comes over just to play with your dog.

Then finally the time came to find “the one”.


And there she was - a stray rescued from a kill shelter, waiting to be adopted.

Beth came with emotional baggage, worms and a touch of mange.


My mission was clear

Find the best ingredients to make the best treats so Beth can be her best self.

All Bake No Bite is my way of giving back to the dog universe for all the love and licks Beth has given to me. We believe treats can be nutritious and delicious, with no surprises in the fine print. Chickpea is the foundation of our oven-baked treats, and is a rich source of plant-based protein and fibre that is also grain-free.


Each ingredient we use is for the sole purpose of boosting your dog’s health, nothing more nothing less,

and of course to send tails wagging!

Natural & bite sized, from my dog to yours, contact me to get some today!

ps. Beth is now a 50 pound cheeky picture of health #allbakenobite #bethagram

All Bake No Bite is
Pet First Aid Certified

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